Tu Shia created this series of artworks to symbolize his very personal struggles and his key points of reflection. He uses beverage, whether is soft drinks or liquor as the medium to momentarily drown out the brutal reality. The intensity on the faces of the figures depicts the epic individual battle within. The figure does not succumb, but it does not conquer either. This parallels the boundary of the eternal clash between light versus darkness.

Tu Shia grew up during the tumultuous period of China’s cultural revolution. During this time, free expression was an ultra-confined reality. Exceeding such boundaries was most certainly met with unkind reprisals. To keep this true thoughts away form those who could cement his destiny as a radical, Tu Shia encrypted his ideas through the symbolisms laced in his paintings. The artworks’ featured characters are mirror images of the artist himself. First, he does this to instill realism in the artworks with the hope that viewers know the message is non-fictional. Second, Tu Shia knows the subject matter and the circumstances better than anyone else, as he is the main character in his very own life story.