As digital elements penetrate so much of our daily lives, we have become essentially interdependent upon it. Yet there is a part of every one of us that feels overwhelmed by the numbers woven into our every move. Artist Ou Sun captures this co-existence with the ever-present digital world. He artistically wakes us to the reality that this continuous dance with digits is a delicate balance between the lure of convenience and the sweet surrender of independence.

Sun Ou is an award-winning artist and sculptor with numerous exhibitions at international venues. He has been commissioned by various municipalities for public artworks, including the 2008 Olympics, ChongQing and Inner Mongolia. Sun Ou is also a professor at the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing , where he is frequently consulted by municipalities and private firms for his expertise in city art design. He is noted for his contemporary artworks with elegant designs and resonating themes. Along the lines of DaVinci’s “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, Sun Ou lays bare the quintessential elements that lets the viewer conjures the fundamental theme of his artworks.


Paintings: "Digital" Collection




Mixed Media: The "Puzzle"

Sun Ou has created a fascinating new collection called the "Puzzle". This series of mixed media is named for how the “original” painting on paper was shredded into small pieces and then reassembled into the final artwork. The intent of this intriguing method is to tell the story that what our eyes can only see is what is presented in front us, and not necessarily the original form that it was in. What we see is just one stage of evolution and that in order to see the earlier version, we need to reconfigure the “Puzzle” back to its original form.