Shen graduated from the Nanjing Xiaozhuang School in 1984 and from the Nanjing Arts Institute in 1991. After many years of studies in Fine art, Shen was conscripted to the Military Drama Troupe of Nanjing Military Area, where he made his career over a span of sixteen years until 2007.

In 2008, his Chinese and international artistic career evolved quickly; Shen become an important contemporary artist of the new wave, with his Hero series. The Hero character is to depict that any person can perform great deeds for the people and family around him. It is the ordinary features of the hero that viewers can identify with that makes him so admirable.

Shen has numerous international exhibitions, including Art Basel - Miami, Art Paris, and Genoa National Modern Art Gallery, Italy. Notable museums including Wurth Museum of Spain, National Art Musuem of China, and Art Retreat Museum in Singapore have collected Shen’s artworks.